EPEC Impact

GREEN Etiquette

I think it's just fabulous that Emily Post politely and eloquently educated us with etiquette, and provided an answer book to solve our squabbles....but in a time of "GREENing" and "Sustainability", possibly some new "Rules of GREEN Etiquette" are appropriate?

An "Opt for GREEN" RSVP box on the traditional mailed invitation can provide a proactive "traditional etiquette off-ramp" where the following GREEN practices are acknowledged, appreciated, and accepted:

  • ReGifts - not your old hibachi or hand crank pasta maker...but give me your good stuff as long as it works.
  • No wrapping paper is OK!  Reusable wrapping, taped together scraps or "kid art" paper is appreciated too.
  • Welcome gifts of donations of civil service to non-profits. 
  • Keep the gift at the registry store and we will pick it up or bulk ship - saves shipping charges, NOx, CO2.
  • Landscaping or plants are welcome gifts!  Bring your shovel, I will recycle the beer cans.  
  • Emailed thank you is appreciated, here is my @address. Note writers: add few extra sincere sentences!
  • Social media works well - announcements, maps, rideshares, public transportation, out-of-town attendees. 
  • Party planners acknowledge environmental footprint, purchase of carbon offsets or donation. 

No dirty looks at the gift openings; unless you show up with a plant.