Environmental Process Engineering & Compliance LLC

Annie Minga is an Environmental Engineer with over 19 years of heavy industrial equipment and regulatory compliance experience in iron foundry, Energy from Waste (EfW) and biomass combustion, plating, engine manufacturing, frac sand mining and sand coating, and die casting.   Design, Installation & Startup of energy recovery and air pollution control (APC) systems for acid gas, particulate, hazardous air pollutants (HAP) including mercury and dioxin. Skilled in air pollution emission reporting and measurement methods, Federal and State permitting including Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD), APC design and operation, wastewater treatment systems, Operation & Maintenance (O&M) planning and Environmental Management Systems (EMS) development, training and implementation.

Membership in Technical Advisory Groups for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources WDNR NR 445 Hazardous Air Pollutant Rule, NR 538 Beneficial Reuse Rule and PM2.5 Attainment Strategies and the United States Environmental Protection Agency USEPA Iron and Steel NESHAP/MACT Standard.

Business management & strategy consulting to emerging CleanTech markets in biomass, Waste-to-Energy, waste heat recovery, solar and innovative water and air pollution control and minimization through process improvement. 

Skilled in developing analytical tools for consumers, organizations, and industry to make informed decisions about their purchasing practices, lifestyle habits, and impact on the environment.

Research Presentations and Publications

"Advancements in Air Pollution Control Technologies and Preventative Maintenance", American Foundry Society EH&S Conference 2011, AFS Wisconsin Regional 2012, CBI Sand Reclamation Seminar 2012 

"Multi-Pollutant Gaseous Control with Unique Recycle / Circulating Fabric Filter System", PowerGen 2009, Energy Utility Environment Conference EUEC 2010

"Luhr Gas Clean Systems Mercury Control with Optimized Activated Carbon Reuse Performance Results from Coal & Biomass Boiler, MSW, & Iron Foundry", Energy & Environmental Research Center EERC Air Quality VII poster presentation 2009

"Minimizing Additive Injection for Multi-Pollutant Control in Single Stage Dry Gas Cleaning Systems", Reinhold Environmental, Air Pollution Control / Pollution Control Users Group APC / PCUG Conference 2009

"Gaseous Pollutant Removal with Augmented Baghouse Technology", Association for Iron and Steel Technology AIST Operation & Maintenance of Particulate Control Equipment and Systems 2009

"Guidance on Iron and Steel Foundry Toxic Release Inventory Reporting", American Foundry Society AFS 2007, 2008

"Environmental Rules Update", American Foundry Society AFS Wisconsin Regional  2003-2007

"Operation & Maintenance Requirements for Major and Area Source Iron Foundries", Michigan American Foundry Society AFS 2007

"MACT Standard Level Control Equipment & Operation Requirements", American Foundry Society AFS / North American Die Casting Association NADCO Casting Congress 2006

"Organic & Criteria Emissions Measurements from Ferrous Greensand (GS) molds, GS molds with phenolic urethane cold box (PUCB) cores, and GS molds with shell cores" 2005 

EducationBachelor of Science Civil and Environmental Engineering - Purdue University 1994

Professional Accreditations:

Fundamentals of Engineering FE / EIT, 1994 

Certified Hazardous Materials Manager CHMM 1997 - 2007 

Board of Directors - Wisconsin Cast Metals Association WCMA 2001 - 2007 

Certified Opacity Reader, 1994 – 2008 

ISO 14000 40 hour training 

Six Sigma Green Belt training